A Spiraling Body Studio

Certified Pilates and Gyrotonic® Exercise



This class is a unique system of three-dimensional movements, using gentle repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating exercises in a set rhythm. It can be taught in a group class or privately. This class is divided in sections and when they are performed together it brings your body into full balance. 

First section:  The spinal-motion series. Participants arch, curl, twist, side-shift and undulate the spine while sitting on the Gyrokinesis® stool. Each movement has it's own specific breathing pattern. 

Second section:  The connecting series. This combination is performed on the floor. Various exercises link the upper and lower anatomy through the body's Seed Center. The movements are more intense, and the breathing is more specific and rhythmic. 

Third section:  The hip and knee mobilization series. Also done on the floor, this sequence encourages rotation and articulation of the knee and hip joints. 

Fourth section:  The back-strengthening series. It is a group of arching movements, executed with the front of the pelvis on the floor, involves lifting the arms and legs off the floor in various combinations. "In this position you are strengthening the lower back and sacrum and achieving more length in the torso. 

Fifth section:  The abdominal series. Are exercises performed on the floor. These moves are described as "intense" because they marry a special squeezing breath with dynamic exercises such as leg pumps, alternating leg lifts and lateral as well as circular movements targeting the entire abdominal structure. 

Final section:  Unwinding series. Performed standing, participants twirl, shift from side to side, and walk in small figure-eight patterns. The purpose of returning to an upright posture and, through oscillating movements, to imprint the experience [of the class] on an energetic basis.

Gyrokinesis® can be adapted for a broad range of clients, from the super-athlete to the physically compromised or disabled person. After more than 25 years, Gyrokinesis® continues to grow worldwide and evolve as a system largely because of Horvath's hands-on involvement at every level.

Benefits of Gyrokinesis®

Promotes spine and joint articulation and mobilization Increases muscular contraction, extension, flexibility, and coordination Increases circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids, and energy Compliments traditional cardiovascular activity and cross-training Provides a mobile workout that can be easily performed while at home, office, or travelling Increases body awareness.

"Everything begins and ends with the movement of the spine. It is the conductor. The energy is found at the base and must rise up and down to stimulate the vertebrae," says Master Trainer Billy Macagnone.