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What is GYROTONIC� ?
Quoted in the Pilates Style Magazine as the "Next Big Thing", the
Gyrotonic Expansion System
was envisioned by Juliu Horwat and is
based on the principles of yoga, dance, swimming, gymnastics and Tai
chi. The exercises involve circular movements with special attention paid
to increasing the functional capacity of the spine in order to enhance
body mechanics. Gyrotonic
develops core strength, overall flexibility
and coordination. The System is supported by specially designed
equipment that uses weights and pulleys to provide resistance.
Currently, the
with great success amongst the circle of dancers, sports people,
rehabilitation facilities, as well as general conditioning amongst people of
all walks of life, from children to senior citizens.

How is it different from Pilates?
Pilates and Gyrotonic� systems have very similar goals and can
compliment each other. Pilates uses small and linear movements to
strengthen and stabilize the spine. Gyrotonic on the other hand, focuses
on larger circular movements radiating from the core strength out to the
Both Gyrotonic
and Pilates achieve core stability while engaging the
muscle systems rather them isolating and bulking up individual muscle
Who can benefit from Pilates and or Gyrotonic
Anyone can benefit from them. People who lack movement experience
might find Pilates easier to understand initially. Those who suffer from
tight shoulders, neck and hips might feel Gyrotonic
to be more
soothing and at the same time challenging.
Fernanda Araujo * has experience using both Gyrotonic and Pilates
techniques with a variety of people, from competitive athletes seeking
to complement their training to those just starting an exercise program.
She has a new studio, A Spiraling Body, opened February 2007,
in Fairfield, Connecticut.

How do I start?
Call us at (203) 224-8576 or click here to make an
appointment. Also inquire about Gyrotonic duet sessions
and Gyrokinesis group classes. 
We are located at 79 Siuth Benson Road ,
in Fairfield CT 
Fairfield, CT 06824
e-mail: http://faraujo3921@gmail.com
Website: www.aspiralingbody.com

What do I wear?
Comfortable exercise clothes and no shoes are required.
79 South Benson Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824
203 224 8576
Serving: Fairfield, Southport, Westport, Greens Farms, Trumbull, Wilton, Norwalk, Greenwich and rest of Fairfield County 
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