A Spiraling Body Studio

Certified Pilates and Gyrotonic® Exercise


What the professionals are saying about Fernanda:

"As a veteran myself of various movements, I have studied with a multitude of teachers including Masters in their field. Fernanda executes her teaching in a manner of kindness and warmth,* yet*, is able to maintain a High Specific Technique. That is imperative to the exercise. To find a Teacher with Both qualities is *very rare*. Fernanda is a Top Quality teacher in every sense of the way."

-Roberta D (Pilates Teacher)

After doing just one session at A Spiraling Body with Fernanda, I felt like I grew 2 inches and that my posture was much straighter! Gyrotonics helped to bring flexibility and movement to my back, and made me feel energized. Fernanda has a warm, fun personality and makes exercising enjoyable. If you want your back to feel better, go to A Spiraling Body!

-Sheyla La Sella ( massage therapist)

Fernanda is a truly gifted and knowledgeable teacher of both Pilates and Gyrotonic. Additionally, because she lives the principles of both methods, working with her is motivating and inspiring.

-Stephanie Petterson ( Pilates teacher)

 Fernanda is a well trained instructor of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis.  She personalizes each work out to your individual needs and makes each workout fun and effective. My shoulders, hips,and ankles have all felt wonderful after only a few sessions.  Clean, intimate, and personal!

-DR Cathy Brodows

What the clients are saying about Fernanda:

Fernanda is one of the best trainers/teachers I have had in my life. She has detailed knowledge of every aspect of Gyrotonics training. She explains things clearly and teaches the movements gradually, rather than overwhelming the student with too much information all at once. She is focused on her student at all times. And she is consistently supportive and encouraging.

I felt a difference within the first two weeks of training and the work has made me more aware of how I use my body from moment to moment.

Outstanding teachers are few and far between, in my experience. Thank you, Fernanda!

-Angela D (client)


Fernanda creates an exceptional experience in her studio. Her vast knowledge of Gyrotonic allows her to give very individualized guidance, and as a client, I began seeing almost immediate results in my alignment, flexibility, and sense of well-being. Besides this, Fernanda herself is warm, personable and dynamic!

-Loraine S (client)

I have been working with trainers consistently over the last 15 years, and Fernanda has made huge impact in my physical and personal strength since I began with her 6 months ago. I highly recommend her!

-Annick W (client).

"Doing Gyrotonic exercises helps me to relieve tension on my chest, shoulders and upper back.  Doing the leg exercises, helps take the tightness out of my lower back and give me greater mobility in my hip area." 
- Marta Jo (client)

"Fernanda is lots of fun to work with--but she adapts and shapes the exercises to work with your particular body to nurture and heal any new or chronic physical ailments."
Donna L (client)

"Using Gyrotonic and Pilates, Fernanda was able to help me finally release tension in my lower back to regain flexibility I had lost after disk surgery. A wonderful experience with a gentle, caring teacher! 
Candace B (client)